How to Creative a Luxury Bathroom for a Small Price

Your bathroom is a place which not only serves a practical purpose, but is somewhere that you can unwind and take some time for yourself. It could be 10 minutes in the shower away from the hustle and bustle of a house filled with children, or an hour long soak in the tub to recover from a hard day at the office. However you like to take time out, that time is for you and you only. So you will want to enjoy this ‘you time’ in a luxurious bathroom instead of a dark and dingy area that you would rather avoid. This does not have to cost the earth and you achieve the look you want at a great price. Continue reading


The Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2014

If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom completely or just updating a few features, get ahead of the game for next year with the trends that are set to be stylish for 2014. At Mark Holt Bathrooms we can help you to design the bathroom of your dreams complete with all your required aspects. We can bring your room into 2014 at a great price and in no time at all! Continue reading