Making Use of that Unused Space

Many homes up and down the country have unused spaces that could be turned into something fabulous without much work or money. At Mark Holt Bathrooms, we are often taking care of these spaces and transforming them much to the delight of their owners. With a huge range of options available, we are sure that we can tailor for your requirements and your specific taste.

The Dark and Dingy Cupboard

The cupboard under the stairs is often used as storage for coats, the hoover and random boxes that you are not sure what to do with. So why not turn it into a room that can hold a toilet and a sink. This can add value to your home if you did not have a downstairs toilet before as it is seen as a desirable feature.

The No Longer Needed Box Room

Box rooms are great for when you have children or need a little extra space for storage when you first move in. However, as the years go on, you become a little more organised and the children grow up the box room can become unused. If you are lucky enough to have a box room situated next to your bedroom, this could be a great opportunity to create an en suite. Knocking through to create a doorway is only a small task and you are then free to design your dream bathroom off from your bedroom.

The Unloved Built in Wardrobe

Many of us have built in wardrobes or areas which we can use as a walk in wardrobe type space. However, if these are dark and dingy and become unloved, it can simply be wasted space. There are alterations that can be made to create a stunning en suite bathroom. For instance bringing out the wall a few inches into the main room can give enough space for a shower room or just a space for a toilet and a sink.

For more information on making use of the unused space in your home, call us on 01625 875 656.